First time with Lady Annabel

First time with Lady Annabel
Lady Annabel greeted me at the front door. She is a very beautiful woman, just like in the pictures. We had a brief discussion about what are my expectations. Everything was very natural and I enjoyed it. I felt from the first minutes that I can trust her. I told her that I was interested in humiliation and in testing my pain limits.
We went into what turned to be the Red Room. On the floor there were two sets of heavy leather cuffs. I had to put them myself on my wrists and ankles. Next I had to crawl on all four in front of her where she teach me how to assume three submissive positions. I was asked asked me how sensitive are my nipples. I wasn’t sure what to reply since I never tried anything related to this. But time had come to find out. Two clamps were attached and I immediately started to feel a sharp pain. It was bearable but it will served as a constant reminder of my submissive status during the woole session.
 Next she attached all four cuffs to the X frame and adjusted them in a way that made me well stretched. Now there is no way for me to interfere with what is about to happen. The nipple clamps were touching the frame and this was increasing the pain. I tried to keep a small distance but Lady Annabel noticed this. My little disobedience attempt failed.
She started to use a paddle, gently first. I was curious to see what she was using but I didn’t dare to turn. The strokes became increasingly stronger. Every stroke was emptying my mind a little more. It was perfect! Until suddenly I realized that I can’t remember the three positions. My mind was emptying too much! It is hard to do any mental activity while in subspace. No matter how hard I tried, the regular strokes kept interrupting my thoughts. I was sure that later Lady Annabel will command me to assume one of the position. How embarrassing it will be. I wasn’t afraid of the punishment but about disappointing her. I wanted to please her and to show her what a good submissive I am and I can’t pay attention not even to such a simple thing …
At some point my balls were tied with a few colored ribbons. She admired the result and declare it a Christmas present. She even added two bells. Now I was looking really silly. The bells were ringing every time I moved. And she made sure I was moving by ordering me to crawl around the room on all four. Later she added two heavy metal weights to the ribbons. Now I had to walk very careful because balancing the weights was painful.
I was left alone in the room with instructions to ring the bells continuously. Surprisingly I found this to be humiliating. How silly I must have looked moving my ass back and forth trying to make those bells ring. But I didn’t dared to stop. I had no clue for how long I have to do this, but I decided I will not disobey. Suddenly I heard the door open and steps walking in. It was so unexpected that without thinking I raised my head to see who was coming. Immediately I realized the mistake. It was not allowed to stare where or when I want, of course. I put my head back down but it was too late. Silly me! Lady Annabel was angry and informed me that I have to be punished. I was also again disappointed about me. First forgetting the three positions and now this …
The punishment consisted of ten strokes on my ass with a cane. Again I wanted to see the cane. But raising my head again was out of the question of course. I had to count each stroke together with a “Thank you Lady”. This reinforced even deeper the humiliation. The tenth one was stronger. I deserved it.
Later Lady Annabel left the room after putting me in a corner with a gag and blindfold. And again I felt very humiliated. Standing there in the corner alone. With nothing to hold me there except my desire to submit. I tried to see if I could push the gag out with my tongue. But no chance. Too much of it was filling my mouth. How about removing a little the blindfolds? I couldn’t reach them because my hands were cuffed behind my back. How about having a walk on the room? But how I could find back the corner? And what if she didn’t actually left the room? I couldn’t risk another disobedience act. But I have to admit that I contemplated it for a while. Do I already want to count to ten again?
When she returned she removed my gag. I still had the blindfolds but I could feel her coming very close to my face. She told me that she is going to pull away the nipple clamps and that this will hurt a lot. For so long the clamps bit into my skin that the pain was no longer sharp but dull. Lady Annabel instructed me to bread deeply. I started to be afraid. I never tried this. I wanted to push my limits and this was the moment. When the first clamp was removed the pain was unbearable. Immediately she told me again to keep breading. Her voice was very supportive and caring. This combination of being nice while inflicting so much pain was stunning to me. It helped me do endure more than I could otherwise. Exactly what I was looking for. The same thing was reppeaded for the last clamp. With her encouragements I was able to resist the urge to move away. I hope I did well. After this I’m fully trusting her to guide me deeper into the world of pain.
In summary it was a great experience with a lot of interesting emotions. I’ll visit her again when I’ll be in the area. Just beware, she is addictive 🙂