Uw (wide open) plee, for a day!

I promised you to write about my experience of being a toilet for a day:

Well, I can tell you it was FABULOUS and I can recommend all you toilets to go there!!!

Upfront, I talked about it with the leading Lady, Mistress Denise of Domination Palace and the Ladies who would use me as the Domination Palace toilet that particular day. (smpalace.com)
Mrs Denise, Mrs Manja, Lady Raven, Mrs Zascha and switch Daisy

We agreed upon, that I was to be treated as a regular toilet and no different to that. So, no communication, no recognition of me being down below, no consideration, no holding back and no limits.
So as the Lady of the house warned me: be careful what you with for, as being a real toilet is not always such a pleasant thing to be !

I would become no more and no less than the toilet for all these beautiful ladies to use. You’ve seen the toilet which a made specially for Domination Palace (the one in the picture, is one I made for Mrs Gold, who is not at DP, but it’s the same toilet) so you know that the ladies would use a comfortable seat :>)

In between use, I would clean up, so the toilet would stay fresh and clean for the ladies.

I arrived at 11.45 and made all the installments. The toilet was placed in the shower, where I could lay down with almost my legs stretched out ( so not so comfy, but who cares) and on a yoga mat.
I laid there for 8 (!) hours and during that time the 5 ladies who were present that day used the toilet whenever they needed to go. It’s not so hard to imagine what it means to be used by 5 ladies during an 8 hours period :>)

Very intense and VERY like a real toilet. I think I swallowed over a gallon of piss, smelled and inhaled numerous farts, received a soiled tampon in my mouth and…… :>)

I brought 8 halve slices of bread for lunch, which I ate while being used. When a lady sat down to use the toilet, I opened my mouth and put such a slice in my mouth and waited for her to relief herself.

Upfront, I would not know which lady would use the toilet and neither would I know what she would “ put on my bread” ……
She didn’t care as she didn’t even know and even if she would have known, she would have cared less. Why should she; she was just using the toilet to relief herself.

Some ladies read their Whats App messages during their toilet visit, answered their mob phones, read a magazine, were humming a song or just came in and went without a word or sound.

There were soft tasteful streams and hard smelly strong tasting streams. At least of every stream I swallowed a mouthful, just to savour the taste.
Some started with a few drops, and some opened the “ floodgate” as if they wanted to drown me. (which of course they didn’t; it was just the way they used the toilet ;>)

One of the ladies has extremely spicy piss; I think it’s because of what she eats. It’s hard to consume, but it won’t bother her :>) If you want to find out which one, you’d have to go there yourself :>)
One of them placed her heels exactly on my nipples and pressed hard, so I opened up as wide as I could……… I saw het sphincter opening up and expected her to drop a big turd in my wide open mouth, but at that moment she “ only” produced a hissing strong fart……

All in all it was a fabulous day; yeah it’s quite an amount of money to spent, but it’s worth every dime !!

I can’t imagine a better place (not in the Netherlands and not anywhere else) where one be used as a REAL toilet by such extremely beautiful, friendly, passionate but ohh soo “ unforgiving” ladies.

These ladies are absolute TOP and they do what they say they would: use you as a regular toilet without any difference or care !!!

I’m soooo looking forward to be able to go again and be used for 8 hours as the Domination Palace toilet !