Impact play session with Mistress Do

I am a confirmed slave who likes rather hard sessions of humiliation and corporal punishment, but I have been in a wheelchair for thirty years following a motorcycle accident. I am French-speaking and I come from Belgium.

I contact the DP who replies that it is accessible and that everyone is welcome!

My 1st session was with Mistress Denise, but I will tell you about my 2 sessions with Mistress Do.

The 1st session was a fairly extensive impact play session and Mistress Do handles humor as well as the whip! I left with marks for 1 week.

She told me that if I came back it would be much harder!

Mistress Do is not a liar!!

Yesterday I was at the DP for the 2th session. Lady Annabel came to help get me on the table and even participate in part of the session. And she was saying “oh nice, very nice” while stroking my back.

The session started with various whips to warm the skin well and then it got much harder. Little cigarette break for Mistress Do where she use me as an ashtray. And the hostilities resume more and more strongly! She alternates caresses and whipping !

And the session ends with 10 very very hard belt shots!! She will have used 10 different whips and 2 chopsticks!

Mistress Do takes pictures and shows them to me. My back is bleeding!!

Wow what a session! Thank you for pushing my limits, thank you for your kindness and your empathy and thank you for your humor. Thanks also to Lady Annabel, great duo!!

I came out of it completely exhausted but with a feeling of liberation.

It’s a first impact experience as hard!

Thank you thank you thank you Mistress!

Thank you to the whole DP team for allowing people like me to live their kinks ❤️