Joining the Domination Palace team

A true story, sent to us by e-mail after their first visit at Domination Palace: Thursday night just before going to sleep my husband called the Domination Palace. He immediately tried to make an appointment. In the background I was waving and getting excited, thinking what the hell is he doing? The entire next day I could hardly get my mind off of this attempted appointment, wondering what was a place like this all about? When I came home that evening my husband was waiting at the door and insisted that I come with him. We drove not far, when we came upon this darkened house with only a porch light on. He led me to the door and rang; it seemed like an eternity until a very sympathetic man came to the door. Paul welcomed us in and took us to the bar, where he offered us a drink. I could see my husband was now almost as nervous as I was, so much so, he could hardly speak. So I began the conversation saying that I would like to learn more about SM especially Japanese bondage. My husband swallowed hard and listened as I went on. I admitted to Paul that my experiences with bondage and SM were clumsy and awkward often leading to laughter (which is not bad) but nevertheless the rhythm was broken and the intensity was lost. Paul then suggested that we see the house and he would guide us because the mistress we had in mind for our session had the night off. Every room seemed to be more exciting than the next, and then we finally climbed our way into the attic where my husband and I both knew we had found our playroom. The attic is dark and atmospheric containing two different tables adorned with winches and restraints. The middle of the floor is set up like, what appeared to be, a dance floor. Above the floor was a hoist and at one end is a large mirror. Bordering the left side of the floor is a shelf full of toys, plugs, and dildos, restrains… It was getting to be too much and we returned to the bar. Paul then explained the details of our appointment and I was so relaxed but still excited. I decided right away to make an appointment with a Mrs. for the following day.
Needless to say sleep for my husband and I was very difficult that evening. The morning came and we tried to remain calm by doing our usual Saturday morning rituals, health club, shopping and doing the laundry. We hardly spoke to each other the excitement was too high. Our appointment was at 3:00 so I needed to begin to prepare. My husband went to our attic and retrieved my rubber dress. We managed after some pinching to pull the rubber dress over my head and down into position on my body. It was very tight and my breasts and ass wanted to pour out, but with some well-placed stretches we placed it like a glove. I was already beginning to get wet as I pulled up my self-holding nylons. Once again we stood fore the door of the Domination Palace waiting to be let inside. Paul greeted us and welcomed us to the bar. He apologized that we might have to wait a bit because the Mrs. was still in a session. This session was taking place in the adjacent room and as we heard the hoist chains being pulled violently. Paul explained that it was a hard session. Somehow hearing the session next door worked as a relaxer as did Paul’s informative conversation.
The session ended and a few minutes later the Mrs. entered the bar dressed in a red and black leather bustier with high cut red leather boots. Paul left and we began to discuss our upcoming session. She professionally went through a questionnaire to check out our preferences. She carefully explained the things we did not know and we nervously shook our heads in approval or disapproval at the other activities on her list. We of course had a preference for the attic so the three of us headed upstairs. This was to be my husband’s session for me to learn, so the Mrs. told him to undress. I could see by the Mrs. expression that she was impressed. My husband is a smoothie and has only the hair on his head. She immediately put leather restraints on his wrists and ankles. Then his arms were spread out on the chains hanging from the ceiling and his ankles were fastened to a metal bar. Now my lesson was to begin and I could feel the juices building up inside me. First the Mrs. began with an 18 meter stretch of rope and showed me the basic weave for Japanese bondage. Quickly he was untied and I was given a shorter rope to try myself. It went very well and the Mrs. helped untie him and I was to begin again with the 18-meter long rope. Upon completion the Mrs. took a long thin piece of leather out and showed me how to tie my husbands cock. I could see him getting aroused but she quickly undid the tie so that I could give it a twist. I pulled tight and saw my husband’s face glow with excitement. Then the Mrs. took out a pair of hand cuffs and attached the one end around my husband’s cock, the other end was joined to the heavy metal bar as she let go of the bar my husbands eye lids shut at the same speed as the bar fell. He was now proudly suspending the bar in mid air from his cock. We stepped back to enjoy and just watched him breath. The Mrs. instructed him to lie on his back in the middle of the floor and exchanged his ankle restraints for foot restraints. Again he was stretched to the metal bar. Around his thighs came another set of restraints these were attached so he could not straighten his legs. In this position his ass looked very vulnerable. So the Mrs. pulled out a thick wand with a ball on the end of it, after slightly lubing and stretching his rectum she inserted the wand deep inside his ass. The look on his face was priceless should he enjoy this or was this clinical, regardless the Mrs. proceeded to attach his arms to the metal bar and hoist him into the air. I thought of going to him and really get him off with this magic wand in his ass, but I thought let him suffer the session isn’t over yet. Using the thigh restraint his magic wand was fixed in his ass and he was lowered to the floor. He was told to stand up and nipple clamps joined by a chain were set in place. To the chain, the Mrs. tied a long leash and led my husband to the stairway. He was told to walk the stairs slowly, if he went too fast I was to pull on his leash. He of course went very slowly because the magic wand was fucking him with every move he made. After he made the journey back and forth he was sent all the way downstairs to the red room. In the red room is a metal scaffold where his restraints could be fixed. Once again my tied little package was in for a surprise. He opted for not using a blindfold because he wanted to see what I was learning. He was allowed by the Mrs. to choose his favorite whip…latex long and red. His cage was unfastened and the Mrs. spun the cage around so he could not see us. Then whack, after about ten slaps across his bottom she passed the whip to me for a try. I couldn’t believe I was going to do this to my husband. The Mrs. explained that it was not pain or a punishment but a titillation that would excite him and increase his suspense. I must admit my first three attempts broke any remaining ice in the session as we all had a nice laugh. I did finally get in a few good blows before we went back upstairs. We did not return to the attic but rather to the blue room where in one corner was “klaartje” the fucking machine. It was a white box with a 10-inch dildo sticking out of the top. This machine was centered under a blue leather and metal chair (looked like a modern electric chair). My husband was led to the chair and the Mrs. positioned him over the dido and told him to sit down. He slid into place with relative ease and the Mrs. clamped him in by his neck then wrists and finally his ankles were pulled back and fastened to the hind chair legs. It was the first time he actually looked scared as the Mrs. showed me how the remote control for this device worked. She left the room so I could finish my husband off in private. I slowly notched up the speed on “klaartje” and unbound his cock. The release of pressure allowed a full force of blood to fill his cock. It was the first time he actually got a hard on in the entire session and he could hardly stand it. He began to beg me to turn up the machine as I slowly began licking his balls. He was going crazy from the noise of the machine, his newfound hard-on, and the wet warmth of my mouth lapping at his balls. He began to beg, “Make me come, make me come”!!! I contemplated not listening but I also knew that we had arranged a session for me and therefore double thought my devious intentions. I grabbed his cock and he began to thank me repetitively…. The next trick was to get him out of the chair and off the machine before he had an attack. Once downstairs we joined Paul and the Mrs. for another nice conversation and a much needed drink. The best compliment was then paid when they offered me a position as a part-time mistress. My husband and I have fantasized about me joining the team at the Domination Palace. First we’ll have to see if I can even leave my own house again, with these few tricks from the Mrs. we can hardly leave the bedroom.