The Magic Words.

I arrived early at Domination Palace for the bi-slave day, which was a few weeks ago. Slave Luna let me in and while waiting for Mistress Nicole, I heard promising sounds from one of the rooms. Clearly some slaves were forced to some thrilling bi activities. Hearing this I got more and more excited and I could hardly wait to participate the kinky plays. When Miss Daisy suddenly entered the room I had the feeling that she could read my thoughts. She looked very attractive, naughty and inviting, which reminded me of the exciting sessions that I had last year with her and Mistress Sophie.

My patience was tested, but finally my Ultimate Mistress, Mistress Nicole came in. This was a special moment. You must know that only six weeks ago I had my first session with her. I had to switch since Mistress Sophie left DP. I chose Mistress Nicole to be her successor and I really don’t regret this. There has been no day Mistress Nicole was not in my thoughts since that session, when I left DP very happy and satisfied. I feel reborn, I made a further step to freedom. You can read about this in my recent story, called ‘My Ultimate Mistress’.

Now again, strange but happy feelings ran through my body when Mistress Nicole entered the room. My knees and belly get weak. What a grace, what a beauty and what a dignity! Like the time before I feel that Mistress Nicole is a born and natural Mistress, taking away any barrier from me. My own will leaves me, I loose control and nothing makes me feel more happy than just following and obeying Mistress Nicole. I admire and adore her and she can command me with a smile and without raising her voice as the only thing I want is to be under her spell, to please her and to be her humble and serving slave. And especially to offer my ass, for her to use and abuse as she likes. I believe there’s some chemistry between Mistress Nicole and myself regarding anal play. Like she loves to use a slave’s butt (as she writes on her personal page), I like to present mine for various games and purposes, waiting for Mistress Nicole to say the Magic Words: ‘Your ass is mine’. Nobody could speak these words the way she does, calm and promising, but demanding and with her pure and lovely English pronunciation. I can’t resist these words and would do everything I can afford to hear these magic words been spoken by my Ultimate Mistress.

And this day I came to offer my ass as well. During the bi-slaves day. To give the best I can. To see if I can be Mistress Nicole’s ultimate slut. What day could be more suitable than the bi-slave day to show my devotion to her? A day I never dared to join before but now, knowing that Mistress Nicole would guide me, I didn’t need to think twice. I sent her a message to share my fantasies and deepest wishes and when I left DP afterwards I realized how generous Mistress Nicole had been as basically all my fantasies were part of the play. Let me tell you my story about one of the most thrilling and exciting moments in my life, during this afternoon in Domination Palace.

We only had a short conversation before Mistress Nicole took me upstairs. The only thing I had to say more was that my goal for that afternoon was to release my body as well as my mind, to get pushed to the edge and to fully loose control. Mistress Nicole smiled promising when I crawled to the dressing room, where she chose clothes for me to give me a complete make over. ‘This G-string will keep your ass free for use’ she said. I got a gurter belt, stockings and a short skirt leaving my buttocks free. Furthermore she dressed me with a bra, that she filled up with silicon breasts. She finished the cross dressing with a sexy top and a wig, long brown hair that partially covered my face. I got pumps and she completed my female appearance by putting eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and everything else on my face, not forgetting to write the word SLUT on my breast. I have to admit that I felt very happy during the dressing session. Mistress Nicole took her time and carefully transformed me into a perfect slut. It felt natural and I especially enjoyed to walk on the heels and to shake my ass. Time to go downstairs to be shown to other Mistresses and slaves, exposed and ready, for use and abuse, as I desired so much.

Mistress Manja was busy with her slaves when we entered the room and I got the feeling that a slut was most welcome. Mistress Nicole put me on the sling and fastened my ankles on the chains, my legs spread wide and pointing to the ceiling. Mistress Nicole put my string aside to make my anal cunt easy accessible. She greased my butt and gently but firmly she started putting her fingers into my ass, making me mourning from pleasure. Nothing arouses me more than having Mistress Nicole’s fingers in my anus while she starts moving faster and deeper and speaks the magic words: ‘Your Ass is Mine! I will do whatever I like!’.

Mistress Nicole continued stretching my arse with dildos of increasing sizes, while rocking the sling. Because of the motion I was automatically fucked in my butt which gave me great pleasure. She teased me and I begged for more. I started playing my role as a slut, asking for some genuine cocks to suck and trying to seduce the slaves to offer me their dicks. But first one of the slaves, obviously new on the spot, was pushed in front of me, on his knees and started sucking my prick and licking my balls. I had been blindfolded by My Mistress and was given a dildo and commanded to keep on sucking,. Then I felt free enough to ask why I could not suck the other slaves cock in the meantime. Not able to see anything, I noticed that the guy, who seemed to be tortured by his mistress so far was brought close to me but yet at some distance as I had to show my eagerness first, like a real slut, longing, only wanting to obey and to give pleasure. Well, I wrecked my neck to do so, as I confessed already that nothing would give me more satisfaction than to suck every available cock in the house that afternoon. So I sucked and swallowed that cock and did the utmost to please the slave, who expressed his joy and praised my skills. My enthusiasm also pleased my Mistress.

But then the slave, who was also not shy, started proposing to give the slut (me) what she really deserved. Mistress Nicole supported his idea, knowing that she would light up my fire and fulfill one of my deepest wishes and fantasies, to get finally deflowered. Slowly but clearly preparations were started, giving the slave the feeling that especially his wish was about to get fulfilled, but I could guess what Mistress Nicole was thinking at the same moment. Imagine that I was still blindfolded, lying on my back in the sling, my legs spread and fastened vertically, leaving my butt free like a bulls eye, ready to get laid. I had to guess who else were in the room. The chosen slave got excited to see this slut and butt in front of him and it was obvious that he was very happy and excited to fuck me in my ass. It also turned me on and I hoisted myself, showing my opened butt and started encouraging the slave: ‘Oh yes slave. Come on, take me, fuck me, let me be your slut’. I noticed the close presence of the slave and my Mistress, then I felt his prick pushing at my butt and before I could say more the first real cock ever slipped in it’s full length in my anal cunt and immediately the slave started to fuck me firmly and tight with his hard and thick cock. I screamed from pain and my first thought was to ask him to stop, but in a reflex I hoisted myself again and all of a sudden the pain was gone and the slave was pumping smoothly and deep in my arse, mourning from pleasure and joy. ‘I wish I could possess this ass more often’ the slave said and I answered that it would be my pleasure, any time. I fully surrendered and moved my arse with the rhythm, encouraging the slave to keep on fucking, as I was enjoying one of the most wonderful things ever in my life. What a great feeling! Unfortunately the slave was not allowed to finish himself (maybe next time), but I felt fully satisfied after having a couple of anal orgasms…

Yet more exciting games to play. No doubt that I would be intensively used and get my ass completely worn out this afternoon. I was released from my position and the blindfold and for a short moment I was allowed to recover. My mouth was dry but Mistress Manja was so kind to spit in my mouth to give me some fluids. Then I had to creep towards Mistress Nicole, who was sitting on a chair with a strap-on cock, ready to teach me some more basics of a good blowjob and fanatically I licked and sucked her cock, trying out some deep throating as well. My Mistress reacted surprised and praised me again for the enthusiasm I showed. To test my slutty skills even more I was transformed into a ‘dildohead’. The smaller dildo at one side of a head belt was put in my mouth and the belt was fastened around my head. The bigger dildo pointed in the opposite direction, as if growing out of my mouth. And so I could join the kinky train of Mistress Nicole. ‘Suck-fuck-fuck, suck-fuck-fuck’ . We kept it going: one slaves was sucking another slaves cock. Meanwhile I was fucking this slave firmly in his butt with my dildo-head, while my Mistress was sitting behind me and moving a huge dildo inside and outside of my ass. One big, oiled machine, rods being sucked and fucked, producing sucking and smacking sounds.

Then another dream was coming true. I had to stand up, to bend down, taking the seat of a chair with my both hands and standing like this, I had to present my ass to Mistress Nicole. She was still wearing the strap-on cock, took my hips and entered my backdoor. ‘Your ass is mine, I promised you to use your slutty cunt’ she said and fucked me firm and deep. I had to make all kind of efforts to keep standing on my heels. I felt proud, proud to behave like a slut and to be treated like a slut. I felt extremely happy, looking aside in the mirror, seeing the sexy shape of the female person Mistress Nicole transformed me into and having the privilege to be fucked from behind by my Ultimate Mistress. I really lost myself.

Then, as final scene, I had to kneel before a slave who was fastened at the cross (I really cannot say if it was the same one that fucked me and as a matter of fact I don’t care), to give him a blow job the way I just practiced. So I did and I must admit that I really enjoyed and loved to do it. I even tried some deep-throating, which was not easy with this big cock, that filled my mouth completely. My enthusiasm however was noticed, the slave mourned from pleasure and Mistress Nicole? Well, she called me her ‘classy slut’ who had pleasantly surprised her that afternoon! I felt so proud, as nothing pleases me more than to satisfy my Mistress. I’m ready for the next time to show you my dedication and to be your shameless, classy slut Mistress Nicole! I’m very grateful for having this experience. And I also like to thank the slaves that were part of this great happening. Especially I want to thank the slave who deflowered me (you know who you are). My butt is yours again next time!

My first real bi-slave experience came to an end and I still feel extremely happy about it. Domination Palace is really a wonderful place with fantastic mistresses taking good care and fulfilling all your fantasies. Hope to be back soon xxx.